Rabbit Baiting

Somehow this country has allowed rabbits to get out of control (again!) and I can't help but notice the multitude of rabbits at the Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus every time I drive by.


For every one rabbit above ground, there are ten underground.


I would like to suggest a rabbit baiting programme for February this year (it has to be February). Pindone is easily obtainable through a local landcare group.


For those that think rabbits are cute fluffy little animals, they are when they are in cages in your back yard. But in the wild they do a tremendous amount of damage and are very difficult to control.


The initial rabbits (only 24) were released at Winchelsea, only 30 km from Geelong. Today there are billions. The same family who brought them to Australia also brought the foxes.


I hope I have support for my idea.



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