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bike parking and locker availability at Waurn Ponds

There has been a recent increase in the number of staff and students riding bicycles to the campus. However, there is not enough space for the number of bikes to be parked undercover. Not everyone has access to put their bikes in their offices. Many people are happy to ride to work on rainy days but would like to be able to protect their bikes to at least some extent on rainy days. The undercover bike racks next to the KD Stewart Centre are overflowing. To encourage more bike riding there needs to be the facility to put your bike undercover. there is also not enough lockers in the KD Stewart Centre. To encourage more cycling there needs to be large lockers where people can leave their work clothes, towel, soap etc. In the change rooms that have the showers, all of the lockers, even the small ones are in use, so it would be very difficult for any one who wants to start riding to be able to organise themselves to do so.



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