There seems to be a lack of recycling options available for staff. Aluminum cans, glass bottles, cardboard boxes, plastic bottles/containers all go into the bin destined for landfill. It seems wasteful when recycling bins in staff areas would go a long way toward solving the problem.


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    Carol Hoyle

    I believe some areas have a 'red bin' in their kitchen that staff can elect to add recyclables to - I also believe that staff are then responsible for the disposing of the items. I don't think this is part of the cleaning contract (but I can be corrected on this)

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    Paula Tovey
    ( Moderator )

    Deakin has very little 'comingle recycling' compared to what we are used to at home. Deakin has however commenced a 'comingle' office recycling program - Warrnambool in 2011, Waterfront and 2012, and continuing at the other campuses over the following years. the rubbish bins get removed from under your desk and comingle yellow lidded recycling bins are placed in the kitchen areas. - and you are expected to take your own rubbish to the kitchen and put in the red lidded bins and your bottles glass and plastic etc to the yellow lidded bins. It is working well at warrnambool so far. Deakin already recycles a lot of paper ( we use a lot) and it is the intent that we introduce more opportunities to recycle futher products. you can get more info on this on Deakins enviro website

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