Photovoltaic installation at Waterfront campus

Both the DCP and Hay buildings at the Waterfront campus have ideal roof configurations for PV panels, as the saw-toothed design results in a lot of north facing, angled roof space.


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    Amanda Neilson
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    Hi Andrew and Debbie,

    The Office of Environment (will be called Office for Sustainability from 1 Feb 2012) completed a detailed renewable energy investigation in 2010 to determine what type of renewables could be installed across all campuses. From this report renewable energy infrustracture was installed at each campus focusing on student residences which included solar hot water systems and photovoltaic. The project will be ongoing and pending approved budget will continue to be implemented as part of the Universities Environmental Sustainability Strategy action plan into the future.

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    Hey Andrew,

    That's a great idea.

    Amorphous/Thin Film modules are a great idea for large installations where space isn't an issue. They have much higher shade tolerance, and better heat performance, while being considerably cheaper and using less material than poly/monocrystalline modules. They can also be mounted horizontally with no impact on energy output, due to the nature of their material, they work off diffuse light as well as direct.

    I have used them on a few domestic installations, one where we mounted them flat and covered the customers roof, which also reduced heat gain. On an overcast day, they were operating at 40-50% of their nominated output.

    Another install I did in warrandyte where there was almost 80-90% shade at the timse saw them still putting out 10%. Other technology in this situation just stops working. The only problem is they're nearly double the size per power output.

    For campus installations (of which i support greatly) i would highly recommend this technology

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    Debbie Louttit

    Great idea Andrew

    I have sent the idea to FMSD to see if they have plans to do this or would like to do this.

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