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Need More Recycling Bins EVERYWHERE on Campus!

It pains me every time I see someone at a printer notice they've made a mistake or printed too many pages and toss a stack of sheets in the trash. There should be paper recycling next to every single printer on campus, and preferably next to all trash bins, so students and staff can be green without having to go looking for recycling options.

There should also be glass/plastic etc. recycling bins in and near every location that sells drinks in plastic and glass bottles.

Deakin claims to want to be an environmentally responsible campus, but that's somewhat difficult to believe since making recycling facilities readily available is pretty low-hanging fruit from a sustainability standpoint.

Please show your commitment to the environment by making it possible for your staff and students to recycle--and in fact encourage them to do so!


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    Amanda Neilson
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Hi Chelsea,

    Some good comments here, I can offer you some information that will help you understand more about what the University is doing and where you can go to keep up to date and follow the progress the University is making towards a sustainable future. If I could make a few small comments to start with. Best practice waste management(including recycling) does not necessarily involve the provision of waste and recycling bins. Believe it or not there has been extensive research in to the human behavioral science and how waste/recycling management should be addressed. The idea is to avoid waste in the first place and where this is not possible reduce it and where this is not possible recover and recycle and so on. A good resource around the research completed and best practice waste management is In 2005 the Victorian Government endorsed the "Towards Zero Waste" (TZW) Strategy which is a call to action for all Victorians to reduce waste to landfill and set specific sector targets to achieve this by 2014 (a copy TZW is available on the above web site too. In saying all of this Deakin University has committed to reducing waste to landfill by 25% from 2009 levels and has specific priority actions to achieve this (including improving existing waste and recycling systems and implementing more). As you can appreciate this takes time and resources including funding for appropriate infrastructure. The Office for Sustainability have also been proactive and have successfully applied for government funding to help achieve some of these actions sooner. More specifically government funding was received to implement some public place recycling and training of University contract service staff and cleaners has occurred. In 2010 a pilot office recycling program was held in three buildings across three campuses (bldg C Burwood, bldg KA Waurn Ponds, bldg D Warrnambool who continue to use the system)and the Planning Resources Committee endorsed a four year staggered roll out of office recycling which includes improving existing paper recycling systems, implementing new mixed recycling (like glass, plastics etc) in to staff office spaces. The system has been rolled out at Warrnambool Campus in 2011 and Waterfront in August this year and is estimated to reduce waste to landfill at each campus by 25% alone. Waurn Ponds is scheduled for 2013 and Burwood in 2014. So low hanging fruit, yes, however appropriate resources and planning is required. There is a significant enducational component to implementing any new system which is included in the system for Deakin. There is alot more information about what Deakin is doing in this area on the Sustainability web site where you will be able to follow the progress of the Universities commitment to not only waste and recycling but Environmental Sustainability as a whole. take a look we are currently running a pilot program for battery recycling, mixed globes and fluro tube recycling which has been received well so far I hope this helps address some of your concerns. Kind regards

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