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ITRI Environment Team had an idea to monitor energy consumption and display it within their building via visual dash board to increase knowledge and behavour change


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    Amanda Neilson ( Idea Submitter )
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Deakin office of environment in colaboration are currently working on building management system (BMS) optimisation project with facilities services building engineering team. The project includes installation of meters that will monitor a buildings energy and water consumption and use of a specifice energy and environmental monitoring software package that will collect and report this data which will include electricity, gas, water, waste, recycling and green house gas emmisions as an equivelant CO2/tonne measure. It is intended that all of this data will be used to communication consumption useing dash board displays, screen savers etc and will monitor efficiency of any campus and in some cases any building.

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    Paula Tovey
    ( Moderator )

    I think this is a great idea but it must be costing a lot of money - is there any long term financial benefit of doing it?

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      Amanda Neilson ( Idea Submitter )

      Yes, as the old saying goes -"you cant monitor what you cant measure" and we can not measure energy consumption we can not make continuous improvement in efficiencies. Efficiency improvements in turn will provide the University financial savings in energy procurement and other utility service costs which are only increasing and will continue to increase with a price on carbon being imposed on organisations from July 1 2012. The University is also required to report to the National Energy and GHG Reporting requirements this is mandatory for any organisation that emmits over 25kT/CO2e- emmisions this information will also be used to inform the Future Clean Energy Act the legilation for carbon priceing.Therefor this project, although expensive, will reduced the financial and environmental impacts that non-renewable energy consumtion will impost on the University. Note that being able to cost this out accuratally to define a realistic payback period is very difficult as the impacts of carbon pricing are still un-known and can only be estimated.

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