Energy Efficient Product Swap

I think it would be a great idea for the Uni to try and host a product swap, for example, old filament light globes for CFL globes, showerheads etc.

This has two benefits, whilst Environmental benefits are obvious, for students living in temporary/share accomodation there is an avenue to increase the efficiency of their temporary home, reducing their living costs and impact whilst studying. Due to the temporary nature, they may not invest in efficiency measures otherwise


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    Amanda Neilson
    ( Pinned Moderator )

    Couldnt agree more.This year the University is running a pilot program for the provision of battery, mixed globe and fluro globe recycling.There will be a drop off point located at each campus excluding Waterfront for these items you can find more information at You may also like to know that from 2009 the University has exchanged nearly 390 shower heads to water efficient shower heads and has installed WELS rated flow restrictors on amenity taps across all campuses where operationally able which will save approximately 1.6 million litres of water per year.

    These are great actions so far and we have plenty more that can be implemented to make improvements and increase awarnes as you suggest.

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