Doggy 'calling cards' on walking tracks around campus

Install Dog waste bags and bins and signage at various locations around the campus walking track. As we now have an estate across the road from the Waurn Ponds campus the campus is a 'free for all' for walking dogs and there are a now extra 'traps' that need to be watched for by staff and others who use the track. Don't have an issue with community using our lovely grounds - but maybe a 'gentle reminder' that it is private property and picking up after your pooch would be appreciated.


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    Paula Tovey
    ( Moderator )

    Students and staff are not permitted

    to bring dogs (with the exception

    of guide dogs) onto campus. If this is the universities rules, then the installation of dog waste bags etc will only encourage not discourage more dogs. The community is obviously not aware that dogs are not allowed on the campus Wandering dogs should be reported

    to geelong city council local bylaws officers for removal.

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    Carol Hoyle ( Idea Submitter )

    I was aware of the ruling on guide dogs and no others etc. However, now that we have the estate over the road, the community sees the campus as 'public grounds' and I see dogs being walked around the track just about every day usually as I am heading home - If we do not put in dog bins then we need to sign prominently at the entrance to each section of the trail - 'No dogs allowed on campus'

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