Deakin to run the GreenHouse Games

The Greenhouse Games are set up by Vic Govt and involve individuals in organisations pledging to implement a series of very simple changes over 8 weeks.

For all fulfilled changes the organisation can earn income, which Deakin could put towards environmental works on its campuses such as planting provenance vegetation.

check it out at and then lodge your vote!


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    Paula Tovey
    ( Moderator )

    I did this at home for my sons cubs - it was easy to do and the cubs raised approx $1000 from it. I don't know if as a large organisation we would be eligible to participate - i thought that it was designed more for households?

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    Paula Tovey
    ( Moderator )

    I asked the state government about the games with the following response received 7 Feb 2012: 'The GreenHouse Games program has been 'under review' by the Environment Minister's office since mid last year and at this stage we are yet to formally hear about its future.

    They are unable confirm dates for any GreenHouse Games challenges in 2012.

    We are (state gov) currently seeking an external organisation/s (private or public) to take on this fully developed online household program.'

    will keep you posted

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