Automatic on/off office lighting

Have sensor lighting installed in all offices and little used corridors - come in - lights come on - go out lights go off. Same process for any 'new' airconditioning installations.


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    Paula Tovey
    ( Moderator )

    this can save heaps of energy as well as associated greenhouse gas reductions and financial payback is relatively quick. did you know that deakin has started putting these in place in some areas at Warrnambool and Waterfront in 2011 and more are likely to be put in in 2011. It would need a considerable budget allocated to it to do throughout the campuses.

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    Carol Hoyle ( Idea Submitter )

    I am quite particular at turning off my own office lights if I am going out for more than a few minutes - and always turn the computer off at the wall. I do notice however that all the lights are left on in the women's change rooms in the KD. There is a skylight so other than at night the bank of lightes over the lockers are not needed and neither is the light in the entrance foyer. Maybe we could start on these (and other toilet facilities)here at Geelong. (Don't know about the men's change rooms but they could be the same)

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